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Sandra Sweetman 24/09/09 Accelerating the Shift

Sandra’s aim is to restore balance and harmony on all levels. She does this by healing the underlying causes of disruption and by restoring energy fields to optimum vibrancy. Since this is a co-creative process in which her clients are intimately involved, she also teaches how to best maintain and nurture this harmony energetically.

Sandra is an intuitive intermediary, sound and vibrational medicine healer, and the original channel of “Heart Metta”.

She has full time healing practices in both Canada and Hong Kong, and travels and teaches extensively throughout Asia & Europe.

Sandra is also an incredibly gifted artist, sacred essence alchemist and metaphysical teacher.

Her direct connection to the higher realms and the Chinese Masters is amazing to experience.

Her sessions are clear and deeply beneficial as she facilitates a profound and powerful space for others to heal the core of their issues through grace and love!

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