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Present, Grounded and Balanced

During these interesting times, I find it increasingly important to be Present. Practicing mindfulness and being in the moment is always a great morning exercise to ensure you are ready to set your intentions for the day. Echkart Tolle suggests that you practice being present by becoming aware of your body and its responses or feelings. This means you can’t be in the “past”, thinking about past events or responses you could have, should have or would have, because then you aren’t aware and can’t be fully present. You also can’t be worrying about the future, financial worries, or what you will be “doing” because once again, you cannot be present and fully aware.

To be grounded, first you must be present in your mind and body and from that place of inner balance, connect in with the earth.  Lately, this seems to be a great topic for my shows; I had fabulous interviews with both Tracy McBurney (CBS interview from 12/04/13 Grounding and Quality of Energy) and David Watson/Willows (CBS interview 20/05/13 Alternate Dimensions, vortex’s and Sun Calendars) where they offered exercises on Grounding. Often we think of connecting with the Divine and forget to connect with the earth. However, the earth is where we reside and grounding into the earth and connecting with the Divine Mother is crucial for our manifestation and creation process. The earth offers the best outlet to send the energies you need cleared. Our Divine Mother is the nurturer, not only of this planet but she can and will nurture and heal us when we invite her in our hearts.

Which brings me to balance; I believe that the last exercise we require in the morning before we rise is to balance ourselves. Balance has different definitions to many people. We can balance our chakras (energy centres), meridians or our body’s magnetics. Recently I bought an EMF device that balances wifi, cellphone, electromagnetic radiation and geopathic stress within my home that has allowed me to feel very balanced. Whatever method or technique you use, grounding has the ability to have a significant impact on your health and well-being. When these exercises are all done in sequence, it offers you the best option for setting your intentions for the day.

Being in a state of balance is about more than our energy; it is about finding a way to harmonize all areas of our lives. It is like the 7 of cups in the tarot, which represents, to me, how we can find balance in all the areas of our lives that we have dreams in. Often we desire a relationship, but forget to visualize or understand how a relationship fits into all of our life. Relationships play a much more important function in our lives as women then they do for men (listen to any of my shows with Thomas Campbell on relationships However, this relationship we seek may not fit into our career as a whole and may take sacrifice to maintain the relationship we seek. So, it is very important when wanting to create something, to find balance within all areas of our lives.

Grounding ourselves and finding balance within the chaos that exists on this planet, and perhaps in our lives, is Key to living a mindful life. We often are taken off balance when events occur in our lives or when events occur to our planet. If we begin with becoming present, then grounding and balancing ourselves, it can open us to finding a way to be in harmony with all areas of our lives. When we integrate living from this place of harmony, we become more aware of when we are unbalanced and can stabilize ourselves before we get caught up in the chaos. Living in this way enables us to take on the responsibility of our own growth, well-being and our spiritual evolution.

Now go walk barefoot on the earth, stretch your energy deep into the soil, really connect and breathe into all that living in the present offers you.