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Polomo John 30/03/09 Shasta Shaman, journey to remove cords

Polomo John pursued a career in engineering for almost 40 years. About halfway through that experience of designing, building, and maintaining he came to fully realize the gifts that Earth Mother provides us and how western society wantonly consumes them with little respect for them. He began research into global warming in the early ‘60s as well as sustainable harvesting practices. That led to deeper conversations with People of the land and to his brotherly ties with Tom Little Bear who became his mentor and teacher.

Polomo began a Native American apprenticeship with Little Bear in 1991 which continues to the present. He began a formal study of shamanic healing practice in 2001 completing the Foundation for Shamanic Studies 3 year course in 2007. He continues his studies with other Indigenous teachers and he offers healing sessions on his land located at the base of Mt. Shasta in Northern California.