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Peace Force on Earth Teleclass

Hi Friend..

I am very excited to share with you that I will be featuring as a guest speaker in a new summit, PeaceForceonEarth, hosted by Sindhu Singh, MD, and launching on Jan 27th 2017.

PeaceForceonEarth is truly a quantum connection venture- all that you have to do is to state an intention of being on calls within your heart-  Prayers and intentions set forth in ethers by Sindhu will make sure that you are included in evolutionary work on this summit, and supported by beings of Light.

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We are in midst of an extraordinary evolutionary process and humanity is experiencing floods and floods of divine light like never before..

  • How do you deal with negativity and chaos that is surfacing to be transmuted?
  • How do you build a solid foundation for next millennium to come?
  • How do you realize your true self and find peace in that being?
  • How do you start living in harmony with mother earth?
  • How do you start experiencing joy, divine grace, eternal youth, vitality, strength, perfect health?

Sindhu has undertaken a tremendous task of lining up experts, healers, coaches who will work with you to assist you in your divine journey.

Sindhu personally works with a number of divine beings of Light including AA Michael, AA Raphael, Mother Mary, Babaji, Sai Baba, Saint Kasturi, just to name a few and her efforts on this summit are guided by these great beings.

A vast majority of light workers are carrying within themselves, not only memories and experiences of Atlantis and Lemuria but also the gifts that they were blessed with during these lifetimes- in this new age, as we ascend, gifts are unfolding as well—

  • How do you realize what your true gifts are?

Work with us to enhance these gifts, that’s what this summit is for!

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You will receive three complimentary MP3 upon sign up, as our huge thanks to you!

  1. Heart based meditation by Laurie Huston
  2. Choosing Peace by Mantara/Matt Andrews
  3. Releasing Anxiety and overload by Michelle Carter

With Love and an Open Heart, Laurie