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Past Lives

Recently I have been thinking a lot about past lives: why are they fleeting memories; why we chose to forget them; is there anything significant to learn by them; or are they just a distraction? The question is: I wonder if our past lives assist us to Grow Up towards Love or distract us from living this life because they trigger our fears or possibly overwhelm us? Some people believe that once we have evolved our consciousness to a certain point – our past lives will aid our growth towards Love. I’m doing an interview with Tom Campbell at the end of this month about Virtual Realities and Past Lives as an ongoing series of VR from Tom’s perspective. And therefore this brings me to contemplating people, places and situations that we encounter and these in turn trigger feelings encouraged by past lives.

So do our past lives assist us with this life? We are here to grow and the Larger Consciousness System (Tom’s explanation of Source, Akashic Records, or God from a scientific perspective) is here to assist us. Clearly there is a reason we chose to forget our past lives and there is no way to prove whether our glimpses into a past life is really ours or if we are connecting in with the LCS or Akasic Records and downloading information from another life whether ours or someone else’s. From the perspective of Growth it could be argued both ways that either remembering or forgetting our Past Lives could help us grow. However, if we have numerous lives – thousands – would it benefit us to remember? Especially considering the fear we have accumulated from these past lives because the Earth wasn’t as evolved and only recently have we moved to a place where there is enough Love to make a difference on our planet.

Often I see the exploration of Past Lives to be a distraction. We can get so caught up in these glimpses into the past – whether significant or not – that they just distract us from our work here. For example if we connected into a life where we were important and had a name we could now research and discover who we were does this help or does it hinder us by focusing on something that creates more fear rather than love? We all want to believe we have been significant and notable in the past especially if we don’t feel we are making a difference in this life. This is all wrapped around our purpose: we are here to make a difference and to grow up towards Love. If we feel like we have lost our purpose or if we have become stuck then we don’t feel worthy and loveable. Could this be the problem? This feeling of being unworthy and unlovable creates fear instead of helping us grow towards love and we become depressed rather than thriving so we look for ways to feel better and put energy into our past. I think one of the biggest problems is that we put our focus into areas that distract us from feeling uncomfortable. This is where knowing about Past Lives becomes a distraction.

Sometimes we just need to understand what is happening to us now and uncover the fears that hold us back from living our best life.

So we become a society that encourages the analyzing of everything. We focus on what is wrong and I believe when we shift our focus to a past life we may come up with reasons why we are where we are now. However, is discovering these reasons important? My feeling is that whatever fear we are working through in this life – core fears we have chosen to work through – we have everything we need in this life to assist us to grow. So does the source of the fear matter? Is it also distracting us even more by over-analyzing everything that has ever happened to us and is that just keeping us in our head instead of our hearts?

What would be the benefit of remembering a past life? I guess if we could remember every life – at least on this planet – we could remember all of our mistakes and hopefully make better choices. We could use the fears we have had the courage to face and use that to assist us to have courage to face the fears we have chosen for this life. And if we evolved significantly in a past life it might assist us to remember how to do it in this life too. It would likely help us make better choices in relationships – but then what about the people who are determined to grow up and who have interfered in our past lives and hurt us – would that make us just hesitate to become involved again? And if so would that be detrimental to those in our past lives if we automatically refused to entertain a relationship with them?

This is where we can become confused. I know it is exciting to uncover our past lives – although we can often be so distracted by them to the detriment of this life. And how do we know if these past lives are actually our past lives or what the LCS or Akashic Records have shown us to assist us to grow? And for that matter does it even matter? Is there a difference between actually living the life ourselves or connecting into a life where we can grow from?

So the question then becomes what is the reason for our past lives? Taking this from Tom Campbell’s perspective we are here to Grow Up and each life is like a Sims game that helps us continue to evolve towards Love. We forget the game rules each life and we can’t really use what we learned before because we have forgotten what we learned each life – but we continue to evolve because this is what we are here to do. The lessons we have learned don’t need to be repeated because we have faced them and evolved from them. Then there are lessons that we continue to have because we haven’t faced these fears yet. These are likely what we chose this exact life to do – overcome a fear we have yet to face. Do we need the source of this fear to help us or is it just a distraction when we continue to overanalyze it? Does it become just a head game or can we have courage from our heart to grow up into Love?

I think as long as we continue to move forward and Grow Up that is the only thing that matters. Along our journey we are bound to connect with people, places and situations from past lives that trigger memories or glimpses into those lives. Sometimes they are wonderful people and memories and we feel a deep connection that embraces our Heart and allows us to remember “home”. These are the ways we hold Hope, Love and Acceptance in our Hearts. So maybe this is exactly why we have forgotten who we have been because when we do catch those brief memories and encounters it creates a beautiful experience to remind us of Love! And that is all that we really need to experience the Joy of Growing Up.

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