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Participation or Victim

Lately, due to some work I’ve been doing, I discovered something profound. It is highlighted in the Movie “The Lorax” and I’m beginning to grasp its significance in all our lives.

We feel the need to be victims, consciously and unconsciously. Because the alternative is Being responsible for not only our own lives, but that of our planet’s as well.

Through the centuries, to “participate” in life was a double edged sword. We were damned if we did anything, and damned if we didn’t’. An example of this would be during the crusades. To watch and not do anything or to not say anything, made us almost as guilty as those doing the killings, and certainly left us with the guilt and shame as burdens to carry. Yet, to stand up against the crusaders, whether to say “no” or to continue practicing religious beliefs other than Christianity, meant certain death.Many spiritual teachers (including myself) have reinforced that the only work we have to do is our own. But at what cost? Are we taking full responsibility and participating in life, while we sit by and allow our earth to be raped of all its beauty? We say it doesn’t affect us when the rainforest is being demolished halfway around the world. We don’t see it. We don’t believe we can make a difference, so we work on “us” and know (or is it hope) that real change begins within.

I believe that when we fight against something, or resist it, it will persist (ie when we give something negative energy and hold that energy, it keeps it stuck). So, is fighting against our raping and polluting the earth, is that the same as participating? Or by holding a love vibration is it enough to stop the destruction? Or am I just fooling myself and still afraid to participate because taking responsibility is too horrible to consider? Because what can just one person do? Do I just accept that I’m a victim?

I believe I am responsible for “my” world, but doesn’t that mean “our” world too? And how do we “participate”? Conscious Choices and Conscious Actions where our message is one of Love and Compassion and “service” as we do our part to take care of Self and Planet. To not “hate” when we see those in “victim” mode who continue to have disregard for our waters and land. To lovingly devote our hearts in service to pick up litter, to replant trees and foliage that has been destructed. To send Love and Wellness to the planet. Being like the Lorax, not fighting, but loving and “planting the seeds” of love and compassion to all.