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Pain a Divine Purpose

I’ve come to have a new appreciation of pain in the past few months. Chronic Pain is debilitating, but I never understood how it can infiltrate every area of your life. Physical pain impacts your mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. When we are stuck in our emotional pain/trauma it can impact every area as well.

Which makes me contemplate pain in a deeper way, and why we never seem to heal our deepest wounds. I’ve been dealing with abandonment on every level my entire adult life. Each layer going deeper and deeper. Like pain, I wonder if instead of trying to “fix” it, are we just supposed to love and accept it? Take responsibility for it and then surrender it to our inner Divine?

I certainly know I didn’t “attract” this pain (I believe, like many other spiritual truths, we have misunderstood the Law of Attraction. We attract from our “resonance” to people and events, but the Law of Attraction is only one law in this Universe), and in the midst of my suffering, I do feel powerless, separate and victimized (aka abandoned), which only adds to my mental, emotional, physical and spiritual dis”ease”. However, I can see that I am responsible for everything and everyone in my life that creates the stress that makes me feel abandoned, powerless and stuck in my painful story.

So I wonder if not everything and everyone in our life is our Divine Purpose. Here to gently guide and honor our journey; to love and accept us for exactly who we are. Not to change or fix, but to let us see what our choices are, so, we may make new choices from a different perspective. To remind us that life surrounds us with opportunities to surrender our ego/mind attempts to control our life and invites our higher Inner Divine to support and nurture us from that higher perspective that we will never be able to see from this three dimensional perspective.

I believe everything is our Divine Purpose, especially our pain. We are not here to “do” things differently, we are here to BE! The only thing we need to become aware of is our perspectives, based from our unconscious and conscious beliefs. We need to respond instead of react. To surrender our ego’s desire to be “right” and justified, and move into a place of love and acceptance to all. May we see our pain, in whatever form in materializes, as an opportunity to create a deeper connection to our Inner Divine Wisdom. To love and accept our pain as the message of possibilities that exist to bring us back to Self and balanced in mind, body and spirit.