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Nora Walksinspirit 07/01/13 New Years Message

An INFINITE MASTER BEINGnorawalksinspirit
Come and sit in the presence of Master Being noraWalksInSpirit, sharing her Spiritual Enlightenment Teachings. She has tapped into the Illumined Energies of the Divine Dimensional Ones. Contact her to learn more about her channeled Wisdom Teachings.

Teaching & Healing
For more than 14 years, noraWalksInSpirit has been teaching and healing all who come to her. Each Gathering of energies of heightened levels of Consciousness produces ULTIMATE Healings because of the wisdom and knowledge spoken through the Gifts of Sacred Languages.

Sacred Portals
While traveling to Sacred Portals such as Machu Picchu, Avebury Circle, Stonehenge, France, Venezuela, and Central American Rain Forests, noraWalksInSpirit found her energy levels and Consciousness heightened.

As she sat in absolute STILLNESS she began to listen and her personality was blended and integrated with the Spiritual BEINGS that called themselves the Dimensional ONES or the UnKnown, UnSeen, Illumined ONES.