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NFTH: Tom Campbell: The Simplicity of LOVE

Laurie Huston from News for the Heart is talking with physicist Tom Campbell on Celebrating the Simplicity of LOVE. We began by discussing Tom’s last retreat in Europe that was really a BIG Celebration of Tom’s work and a discussion of how to make Tom’s work out to the World in a Bigger way.

My intent for the Interview was to discuss Love as an Action. An action of Sharing and Giving. The discussion morphed into the Simplicity of LOVE. Love is about Sharing, Compassion and Positivity. Love is simple, it is Fear that is more difficult. Fear means we need to Grow Up and find ways to Let Go of our Fears. Love is an Opening of our Hearts. Love is the Essence of Life.

We are often told that if we want something to Act like we have it. When it comes to Love, especially romantic Love, we all put on an Act to try and BE the person we believe the other person desires most. We wear these masks so that we can manipulate others to see what we want them to see and to hope they will BE what we want them to BE. Therein lies the problem.

Love doesn’t manipulate others. We often are just falling in Need, instead of LOVE. We do this in most relationships, because we have believed the Media’s definition of Love. Unfortunately, our media doesn’t realize how manipulative it is. Our Ego wants to BE right and has certain expectations. None of this is LOVE. We end out discussion with Compassion. We have no idea what others are experiencing. So if they do or are something we don’t like, then what we need is Compassion and Acceptance. Compassion and Acceptance allows everyone to BE who they are. And who they are is Lovable.

Love is simple, it is Who we Are. This Love is what we express to others. Love is Who we Are! Join us for this fascinating discussion! We’re Getting to the Heart of what Matters!

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