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NFTH talks with Tracy McBurney on Revealing More Truth

News for the Heart talks with Tracy McBurney on Revealing More Truth. During this challenging time we have to really become clear and connected to our Self, taking moments to Breathe and step back from our ‘everyday happenings’ and consciously accept and be aware of when we are NOT in alignment with the Truth. Tracy offers a real life experience she went through about her health and how finally she opened her arms to the Universe and said “I’m Ready” and from that experience she allowed for a change and was open for New Truths to be explored. We ended our show with concern about how unClear our Government is – that clear is better than intelligence. It is a time of great change – if our emotions are triggered then we are NOT clear ourselves but rather in judgement. What we all need to explore is BEcoming Clear in our own house first. This isn’t about Ego, or BEing Right – it is about BEing connected and Clear which will Reveal More Truth. We are getting to the Heart of What Matters.

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