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News for the Heart: Vanessa Wideski: My BIG Ego

News for the Heart talks with Vanessa Wideski on her book: My BIG Ego.

A debut author of “My Big Ego,” a practical application of Tom Campbell’s “My Big TOE.”

Vanessa is not only a writer but also the visionary founder and co-executive director of The Low Entropy Foundation. She is a pioneering social impact organization dedicated to democratizing personal development. Her mission? Empower individuals with the transformative tools to reshape themselves and their environments.

Vanessa’s remarkable journey is a testament to the human spirit’s resilience. From a high school dropout grappling with homelessness and addiction, she has emerged as a world traveler and a thriving entrepreneur. Her diverse life experiences have gifted her with an abundance of empathy, which she generously shares through her leadership in the social impact space.

Currently, Vanessa resides in Coquitlam, BC, where she enjoys a fulfilling life alongside her husband and four children. As an eager and dedicated learner, she collaborates closely with Tom Campbell, a distinguished physicist and the author of “My Big TOE.” Vanessa’s commitment to personal growth and her unwavering dedication to uplifting others make her an inspiring force in the realm of self-discovery and empowerment.

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