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News for the Heart: Tracy McBurney: Exciting Learning Button to Joy

Laurie Huston from News of the Heart talks with Tracy McBurney on the Exciting Learning Button to JOY! Tracy began this discussion with something she learned about how we all have a Learning Button.

She shared she discovered this while with her brother who were both helping her mom with her garage door. Tracy felt it was the battery, and her brother went through a whole process re-formatting the garage system with pressing buttons and saying to himself ‘learn’.

This prompted an ‘aha’ moment about how we all have a Learning Button. We aren’t consciously aware of this Learning Button. However, we can take advantage now that we have conscious understanding.

We can make a request to our Self, Universe or whomever you want to invoke our Learning Button in whatever area we require. Tracy discussed how if we only knew during school, we could have understood our classes better.

We then moved to what I was having challenges with that activating my Learning Button might help with. For me it is my challenge with trusting my own intuition when I have something happening that is important to me. My example was about my health. After discovering I had H Pylori, I tried to use intuition to figure out what I needed to treat it. What we discovered was because it was in my small intestines, it is related to JOY.

This was a wonderful healing experience. Full of information to assist you to work towards Whole Health.

Another Powerful Show with Tracy McBurney! Join us for this fascinating discussion! We’re Getting to the Heart of what Matters!

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