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News for the Heart: Tracy McBurney: Beliefs, Facts & JOY

Laurie Huston from News for the Heart is talking with Tracy McBurney about Beliefs vs Facts and ending with JOY. This was a wonderful show to end the Year with. Tracy shared a recent vlogcast she listened to about COVID that brought us to one of the first statements about how a Fact can’t overwhelm a Belief.

Our Beliefs are so powerful that they can’t change when you hear facts that disagree with them. Our Intention is the most important when wanting to shift our Beliefs. We need to BE Open and Willing to Let GO of our outdated Beliefs. For some people we don’t realize that our Beliefs are so outdated, typically from our seven year old self.

For others our Beliefs didn’t even come from us, but from past lives or other loved ones in our life. Some of us don’t even have the Download for JOY. The GREAT thing is that we can BE open and make a choice to Change our Beliefs. We went on a bit of a tangent and then resumed our discussion that our Beliefs and we ended with JOY.

Our Wish for you is to have a Wonderful Holiday Season this year and EnJOY some JOY and this New Year. This was another Powerful Show with Tracy McBurney! Join us for this fascinating discussion! We’re Getting to the Heart of what Matters!

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