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News for the Heart: Tom Campbell: Opportunities for Loving Communication

Laurie Huston from News for the Heart is talking with physicist Tom Campbell about Opportunities for Loving Communication. This is Love Month at Intuitive Soul and Tom and I gave another Incredible discussion on LOVE.

This year we opened up about how difficult Communication is in Relationships. All Relationships! The reason being that it is through relationships that we grow. No relationship is 100% easy all the time. In fact the more deep the relationship the more difficult it is to discuss our feelings due to fear.

In LOVE we feel vulnerable, our definition of vulnerability is a fear. (Personally, I believe to BE Vulnerable is a strength as I have a different definition.) People don’t want to argue or have someone else tell them they are wrong or need fixing.

The strategy for most people is to deal with fear, If I don’t play the game, I can’t lose. Where in reality is if they don’t play they will always lose.

Unfortunately, most people are self-centered. Therefore the truth means they are wrong, and need to change. No one wants to hear this. So they go about their relationships distracting themselves and that eventually creates very poor communication. Also, the way men relate to others is different from how women relate. Men are not taught to deal with their emotions like women.

The answer lies in Compassion and Acceptance. We all want to BE heard and understood. Find your way to offer Loving Communication through Compassion, Caring and Acceptance. Another Powerful discussion with Tom Campbell! We’re Getting to the Heart of what Matters!

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