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News for the Heart: Tom Campbell: Amazing Art of FUN

In our latest episode of “News for the Heart,” we chatted with Tom Campbell about the Amazing Art of FUN. This conversation marks our last episode before a short break, returning in September. We couldn’t think of a more joyful note to pause on than the theme of having FUN.

We began the episode by sharing the details of Tom’s upcoming symposium, scheduled for September 29 to October 3, 2024. Organized in collaboration with the CUSAC-Center of Unification of Science and Consciousness. Tom’s non-profit to support his groundbreaking research. The event promises not only to be an enlightening experience but also an incredibly FUN one. It’s a wonderful opportunity for us all to come together. And contribute to a meaningful cause, and add a little more joy to our lives.

As the summer unfolds, we’ve made a conscious decision to focus on the lighter side of life. Exploring how fun can play a pivotal role in our personal growth. It’s been a heartwarming journey to discuss how, as we grow, life seems to offer more opportunities for laughter and joy.

One of the moments of our conversation was when Tom introduced us to the concept of “Carrot versus Stick”. This is a perspective on motivation through rewards or consequences. It was an enlightening discussion. It reminding us that, though sometimes challenges are necessary, embracing positivity and love can lead to a more fulfilling life.

At the heart of our show is the belief that leading with love and choosing to grow are essential to our journey. Our discussion was yet another reminder of the power of approaching life with an open heart and a spirit of FUN.

Thank you for joining us as we get to the Heart of what matters – the art of living joyfully and growing with love. We look forward to continuing this journey with you when we return in September, ready to dive deeper into the heart of what makes life truly meaningful. (due to technical issues – my video didn’t render… once it has, I will update)

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