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News for the Heart talks with Tom Campbell on the Holiday Spirit!

tomcampbellLaurie Huston from News the Heart is talking with physicist Tom Campbell on the Holiday Spirit and BEing Love. This is a deep conversation about how we connect in Relationships over the Holiday Season. It is always about Choice, however our fears are often unconscious. We discuss how to cultivate the ‘magic’ we feel during this season to extend into all areas of our lives everyday. We discuss how to shift our perceptions when we are feeling triggered by others, back to ourselves instead of trying to change them. The whole point of this physical reality is to make choices and to evolve the quality of our consciousness towards love through making ‘loving & caring decisions’; choices about others not just yourself and this is amplified during the Loving and Caring Season. See when the issues are ours, find something you’re Grateful for when it is the person we are with or just actively listen to them and compliment them about something as this will shift their energy completely. While we are actively listening, observe your own responses that you have in the conversation, authentically look at how our fears continue to add to our story and keep us from evolving in a loving inner BEingness. When your story comes up, your judgments or fears observe this and see how you contribute to the problem. We shared that when we are focused on our fears, our story, it is all about ME and our Ego; it’s all about ME! And that’s the problem, as long as you stay unconscious of our fears, we will continue to choose our fears. However, if you can become conscious of your choices you will get an opportunity to make another choice, one of Love! Join us for this fascinating discussion! We’re Getting to the Heart of what Matters!