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News for the Heart talks with Tom Campbell on Q&A

Laurie Huston from News the Heart is talking with physicist Tom Campbell on You Asked the Questions, We Answered. This is a deep conversation about your questions from listening to our shows. The biggest being about Fear vs Love when you’re with People, Places, or Situations that are not conducive to BEing in a Love State. We then discussed that we aren’t free to choose. It is always about Choice. It is our decisions and capability to Love that is our ‘truth’ and consciousness. Our choices on either Fear (devolving) or Love (evolving) determines what and where our consciousness is and it is our consciousness that is experiencing our choices that is ‘real’!  The whole point of this physical reality is to make choices and to evolve the quality of our consciousness towards love through making ‘loving & caring decisions’; choices about others not just yourself. We have to own our problems, take responsibility for our choices and own our triggers. Lastly we spoke of Loving ourselves and what we do with a leader who is a psychopath (like a boss LOL). Join us for this fascinating discussion! We’re Getting to the Heart of what Matters!