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News For The Heart talks with Tom Campbell New Years Intentions 2018

Laurie Huston from News the Heart is talking with physicist Tom Campbell on Intentions and BEing vs doing. This is a deep conversation about the choices we make and whether we choose our intentions from a doing place or how we want to BE. We often come from a mental ‘doing’ space when we write our Resolutions for the year. And unless we come from our BEing level, we aren’t likely going to make any lasting changes. We discuss sugar, weight-loss, health, fitness and addictions and how we can approach them differently and what we need to make lasting changes. We have to own our problems, take responsibility for our fears and choices. When we have something we want to change, like our weight because it impacts our health, we have to have the correct motivation and approach it understanding what the underlying cause is. This is where we need to dig deeper than just our mental will to change. If we are just thinking it is best that we change, or it is healthier for us, we are really just coming from a mental state and not looking at how we want to BE differently. We have to figure out what the cause of the weight gain was in the beginning. Like smoking, we can use our will to loose weight and stop smoking, however, if the underlying cause is still present, and it is how we are BEing in the world, that fear will continue to create our addictions to food, sugar, alcohol, or smoking once our will looses it’s initial energy because the fear is still there! This is why mental ‘fixing’ doesn’t work. Once we establish the underlying fear, we have courage to BE okay with it and allow the shifts to occur and having acceptance. Coming from a place of Love will always create what it is we desire most. Join us for this important discussion! We’re Getting to the Heart of what Matters!