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News for the Heart talks with Tara Greene on 2019

Laurie Huston from News for the Heart is talking with Tara Greene from We chatted about what is happening astrologically for 2019. We discussed how the Tarot and astrology themes will impact us this year. The main theme is The Empress as it is a “3” year. We discussed the eclipses, the Retrograde planets and how we don’t have anything retrograde until Mar 5th for Mercury. We shared the big transit that everyone is talking about which is Jupiter square Neptune where we have 3 hits. Tara discussed all the major transits that we can look forward to and the ones that we need to be aware of. We offered a reading for each sign and how 2019 will impact you for this year. We discussed how all of this will impact our New Year! Join us for this fascinating discussion! We’re Getting to the Heart of what Matters!