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News for the Heart talks with Peace Mother on 2019

Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song – 2019

Laurie Huston from News the Heart is talking with Peace Mother Geeta Sacred Song – Peace Mother is a world-recognized Mayan Peace Shaman, EnLightened Master, Master Healer and embodiment of The Divine Mother of The Universe. Join us for this interview as we share the Compassionate and Loving Embrace of Peace Mother. We discuss 2019 and Holding the Light while BEing a Warrior of Peace. As a fully EnLightened Spiritual Master, Peace Mother understands every aspect of human suffering. She is able to call forth Grace for you and your Life Path and help you break free of any torments and limitations that are blocking you from living your Highest Destiny. Her ceaseless Gusto and Devotion to the Light is Highly contagious and fills you with Joy, Courage, Peace, Self-Respect, Fulfillment and Serenity. Any contact with the Holy Mother is a mighty karmic Boon which instantly Uplifts you, Heals your Spirit, and Strengthens your Connection to your Angels, Spirit Guides and Divine Protectors. With Joy-full Zest, a Compassionate Gaze and Light-charged Touch, the Holy Mother Activates the Light within all. Like all true Masters, She quickens your Divine Essence, Clearing you of negative karmic patterns and energy, Opening you to the Spiritual Guidance of your Higher Selves, Guiding you to our Highest Destiny. EnJOY this amazing hour where we share some Graceful Truths. We’re Getting to the Heart of what Matters!