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News For The Heart: Laurie Huston & Tom Campbell discuss Our Beliefs create our Experiences!

tomcampbellLaurie Huston from News the Heart is talking with physicist Tom Campbell on Our Experiences don’t create our Beliefs… Our Beliefs create our Experiences. We discussed the 3 things that create our experiences beginning with our Fears, then our Ego and then our Beliefs. It is our perceptions of us taking everything personally that defines our experiences! We tend to see everything from a place of what is happening to us, instead of how can we serve others. He offers tips and tools to help us focus on authentic Love vs fear. Tom has a brilliant way to simplify our world into love vs fear, however, that doesn’t mean it is easy. We discuss examples of how we take things personally, and how it is a simple shift of perspective that can allow you to come from a place of Love. We just have to stop looking outside ourselves for the answers and live our life BEing authentic, caring for people instead of focusing on just ourselves and what we need. This is Fear, Ego & our Beliefs and pulls us away from Love. We discuss how we create our reality by either Fear or Love and what it means to truly ‘Share’ with someone vs manipulate relationships. We can shift our perceptions when we are feeling triggered by fear and focus on Love, it comes from a BEing level not a mental place. Join us for this fascinating discussion! We’re Getting to the Heart of what Matters!