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News for the Heart interviews author Christopher Papadopoulos on Peace

DSC_0309About Christopher

Christopher lives near Montreal, Canada, the city in which he was born. He holds bachelor degrees in education and history from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, and has served as both a primary and high school teacher. Based on his desire to help create a better world, in 1993 he ran for parliament in the Canadian federal elections. Realizing that a world of peace and harmony begins within the individual, he then embarked on an inner journey toward greater self-awareness. In 2003, he experienced a permanent shift in consciousness from anxious thoughts about himself to the peace we discover when we are in touch with our authentic being. Since that time, Christopher has worked with individuals and groups, guiding others to experience peace through the process of his own self-discovery.


Peace and Where to Find it:

In a world rife with turmoil and lives led in fear, this book is the road map that delivers us from our angst, sense of separateness, and fear to the place where true and lasting peace resides.

The world has never created/manufactured peace and never will because peace is already here and everywhere, waiting for us to notice it. It is a fundamental characteristic of who we are, if we were only aware of this.

Structured in a primarily Q & A format, this book guides readers on a simple yet profound journey of discovery, inviting them to discard their mental concepts about what peace is or isn’t. It takes the reader step-by-step beyond the illusionary impediments to peace generated by the ego.

World peace is not possible without first going within to experience our true peace-filled nature. It is through becoming aware of peace within ourselves, then embodying it, that we begin to recognize it in others. Only in this way can it manifest as world peace.

This book reveals the deep relationship between peace and body awareness. Inhabiting the present moment through deep body awareness makes peace manifest in our lives and across the planet. Thus feeling our bodies – the outer and inner – is a radical and revolutionary act.

Giving our full and felt attention to the body helps us enter the present moment where we become aware of this ever-present peace. The body is always here in the present moment and our sensations can only be felt in the now. Presence through body awareness is the off switch to the incessant voice in our head that pretends to be us. The more present we are, the quieter our thoughts and reactions become, and we come to realize we are not our thoughts but are the peace-infused awareness that’s the source of everything.

The practical suggestions throughout the book are supported by a chapter of simple yet life-changing techniques readers can use on a daily basis. These simple yet powerful practices help us experience the peace that we are.

Everyone from long-suffering individuals who wish to heal themselves, to activists who long to heal the planet, to spiritual enlightenment seekers who want to find clear, direct guidance will find the answers they are looking for in this book.

This book isn’t out till mid Oct, however, you can purchase it at:

Next month we will do a show on the different Practices in the book! (Go Here to listen)