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Nanice Ellis 06/05/10 Author of Lip Prints

Nanice Ellis knows how to light your way through the place you’re most afraid of, and gently guide you to the other side of your most personal darkness. Having made this journey herself as a survivor of a near-deadly abusive relationship, she challenges listeners: What would life be like if you actually unconditionally loved yourself? She explains why this is both the essential first step in spirituality AND the key to healing the world’s ills.

As host of Chai with Nanice (on at, international personal and corporate coach, author, master intuitive and keynote speaker, Nanice is a synthesizer who provides the safety to become fear-free to those who sincerely want to “be the change” they want to see.

Nanice Ellis works with thousands of people from all over the world, teaching the secrets she’s learned:

*What if we are really infinitely powerful and invincible—no gain can give us power and no loss can strip us of it?
*Why lasting change comes only from the inside out
*How being our true selves joins us to the unity of all things, and why, when we embrace oneness, everything changes
*How to make a difference and bring positive world change into effect simply by living your best possible life.

Through her passionate energy, Nanice contributes her light and wisdom in ever-growing ways, including:

*As facilitator of her new Boot Camp for a New Life, Nanice challenges participants to transform their current lives in just 5 minutes a day for 5 weeks. Boot Camp for a New Life is an online program offered at that provides the tools to turn present challenges into amazing opportunities—because “by changing our lives, we change the world around us.”
*Designed to awaken mind, body and soul to a higher wisdom, DivineSpirations is Nanice’s brand new daily inspirational “wake up call” emailed to thousands of people worldwide. Taking the DivineSpirations challenge to ponder one insightful concept each day for 6 months is a transformative tool that works wonders!
*Just launched: The Nanice Ellis School for Coaching and World Good, whose mission is to educate, mentor and train new coaches to facilitate change in their communities and beyond. It’s free to attend and costs only a small charge to be certified.

To learn more about Nanice and to sample her inspiring messages, please visit her website:

She is the author of 6 books:
I Am (January 2009)
The Infinite Power of You!
What IF?
The 30-Day Gratitude Journal
Even Gandhi Got Hungry and Buddha Got Mad
Her newest book, LipPrints, was just released in July 2009.

She has a Bachelor of Science in Community and Human Services, is certified as a Master Results Coach and Master NLP Practitioner, is a member of the NLP Society and the International Federation of Hypnosis, has over 20 years speaking experience, and practices Neurological Repatterning.

Nanice is smart, loving, incredibly intuitive, patient, clear, daring, sincere, deeply spiritual, calming and centering. She’s a guide who can lead your listeners safely through the wilderness of their greatest fears, thus adding one-by-one to the legions of liberated souls birthing the new way of living together on Earth that we all desperately need.

Show ideas include: Living from the Heart; Spirituality; Creating Extraordinary Relationships; Intuition; Uncovering Infinite Potential in the Workplace; Communication; Inner Power; Creating Peace & Balance; Discovering Your True Self; Overcoming Depression; Empowerment After Abuse; and more. Also, see Nanice’s articles at for more show ideas.

She has appeared on Good Things Utah, E.S.P. and the Universe, Getting Personal with Linda Stein, Exceptional Wisdom, Six Degrees Advice Line, and has been featured in the Salt Lake Tribune and more.

If you’d like to have Nanice on your show, please let me know. At your request, I will send you one of Nanice’s books, and can arrange for you to speak with her directly if you’d like. Her compelling and compassionate approach will touch your listeners’ hearts, free their minds, and help them to discover the magnificence of who they really are. She understands that only in the face of fear can we discover courage, and that we are never so close to home as when we feel most lost—if love is the way, our hearts are our maps.