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Motivation and Resistance

Lately, my focus has been on “When the Law of Attraction (LOA) Doesn’t Work”, so much so that I am considering writing a book on it. On my journey I continue to encounter resistance to change and it leads me to understand my motivation to create. Often we are trying to create something outside ourselves that will fill a void within us. Many sources of the LOA suggest that we can manifest money, cars, houses and relationships and we get caught up in the illusion that this will fill the unhappiness within us.

We, of course, know that happiness must start within first before we can manifest it outside of ourselves. So, determining our motivation is key. Are we trying to attract/create from a place of fear (eg. when we want money it is often because we are afraid we won’t have enough or are coming from a place of lack or poverty consciousness) or love (eg. if we can come from a soul’s desire to evolve and an acceptance of all that is, not trying to change, do or need). Can something outside of us, that is desired from a place of pain, fear and lack do anything but maintain the status quo and greediness of our society? How can we come from an authentic space of allowing love, heart and soul to guide us in our evolution?

Are we looking at the emptiness, loneliness, sadness, unworthiness that evades our hearts, the separation and abandonment we feel within and working towards bringing these states into balance through awareness and consciousness? Or are we trying to fill the elusive void with things outside us, in an attempt to capture brief moments of inauthentic happiness and fulfillment until the next conquest?

I believe that our motivation for creating must begin with acceptance of who we are and an understanding from an authentic place not one of avoidance and fear of not being good enough for others to love and accept us for who we are. I feel we must begin with where we are and acknowledge the fear that is often the guide in our choices. This awareness is the beginning step to create real change. Resistance often holds us back because we are afraid of the unknown, yet, predetermining or trying to control our future is what keeps us stuck. We have to embrace change, and become conscious of our choices so that we can move towards creating the change within us from a place of love and acceptance. We have to be aware of our motivations at all time. We have to let go of our past regrets and future worries and Be who we are. Then make choices from a state of growing into love. Simple, but not always easy.