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Michael Brown 02/10/08 author of The Presence Process

Prior to going on Hiatus, Michael and I spoke about his first book, The Presence Process.

South African Michael Brown was living what he calls a “blissfully unconscious life” working as a music journalist, television script writer, columnist, and magazine editor, when in 1987 he developed Horton’s Syndrome, an acutely painful neurological condition. After suffering through conventional medicine and alternative therapies, Michael embarked on an odyssey that led him into present moment awareness–-a heightened consciousness that runs parallel to ordinary mundane experience.

As he became increasingly present, Michael’s painful condition subsided completely. This led him to chart a methodical pathway into present moment awareness, now called The Presence Process™. As others learned this process, they too found release from physical, mental, and emotional conditions. The book The Presence Process™ made this journey accessible to everyone. Now, Alchemy of the Heart takes a further step in facilitating present moment awareness through emotional integration.