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Mark Borax – 13/11/08 author of 2012: Crossing the Bridge to the Future

Increased interest in the year 2012, seen as a turning point in planetary consciousness in the Mayan calendar as well as in western astrological traditions, has led to a proliferation of books on the subject. Mark Borax’s 2012: Crossing the Bridge to the Future presents 2012 as neither Armageddon nor nirvana in a vivid plot-and-character-driven personal narrative that takes us on a tour through the New Age landscapes of millennial America, while offering insights into making the most of current planetary changes.

Mark Borax studied astrology with Ellias Lonsdale (called William Lonsdale in the book) and was part of the original mystery school that Lonsdale founded in the Santa Cruz Mountains in northern California in the 1980s. Mark Borax went on to develop Soul Level Astrology, a new form of astrology that looks deeper into the nature of the soul than traditional approaches.