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Marie Mohler 25/02/10 Author of Cosmic Wealth & Cosmic Keys

Marie Mohler is an author, artist, home-schooling parent, Lemurian scribe, and creative spirit. She was born knowing the magic of the universe in her heart, and she lived in that energetic field of amazing divine grace throughout her early childhood. But over time, some core life circumstances began to call her attentions away from the magic, this heart sight, and the light-filled protections of that divine grace . At the age of 33, a big karmic challenge arrived – with perfect cosmic precision – to ultimately invite her to clear away some ancient shadows, to re-awaken her inner joys, hopes, wisdoms, and talents, and to reclaim her sense of purpose, her inner light, and her essential oneness with the divine magic of the universe once more.

Marie has a Masters degree in Psychology, but considers her life experiences to be her greatest teachers. Since her awakening process began in 2004, her intuitive gifts – and her ability to consciously channel messages through automatic handwriting – awakened as well. She sentiently remembers the incredible grace, the deep wisdoms,and the eternal Heart of Lemuria. This Lemurian grace often flows into her writings and published works.

Marie Mohler has created and written many inspirational books, in a unique series called Shine Your Light Books. Marie believes we all have an inner child to feed – that loves to create, to play, to laugh, and to be delighted every day. It’s our perfect light. It’s our special sparkle. It’s the magic! Creating something each day (no matter how big or small), that expresses our truest talents and shines our happy thoughts, is one of the simplest ways that we can all feed our inner child its essential “nutrients,” and more holistically live life’s magic.

Current titles in her illustrated book series include: Swallow the Sun, Leonard’s Song, Little Bird’s Earth Nest, The Habit of Rabbits, The Knight and His Armored Heart, and Hearts of Trees. New books specifically focused on rediscovering and consciously living the magic of the universe, and co-creating a beautiful, heart-centered New Earth Experience, are forthcoming. Additionally, she has written Cosmic Wealth: A Guide to Living the Prosperity of a Rich Inner Life and Cosmic Keys: Channeled Inspirations to Open the Heart of One. Both offer a unique combination of channeled insights and rich understandings – about the awakening and ascension process unfolding within many of us today, that is calling us to reconnect with our divine beginnings, our true self, and our amazing inner wealth.

Marie is also releasing a new audio CD series, called Inner Child Inspirations, which aims to inspire the timeless and ageless inner child that indwells us all – through positive messages, affirming stories, and inspirational music (songs sung by Jana Stanfield – used by permission). And she is here today to share and shine the message – that we are all divine light-filled beings, with amazing gifts and talents, and incredible inner wisdom. When we begin to listen with inner ears, and to see with inner eyes, we open our hearts (our special inner compass) to guide us into the life experience – of living the joy, brilliance, and perfection of all that we truly are. So whether we paint it, sing it, dance it, draw it, teach it, write it, and more . . . we all have unique talents and special gifts that only we can shine, as individual candles that collectively light up the Great Central Sun and the Cosmic Heart of One. Marie is here to simply remind us – that we can find within ourselves – all of the gifts that we already are, that we already have, that await our own self-discovery. We all have the ability to tune into the things that make our hearts sing, and allow our amazing divine light to shine and shine and shine!

Lastly, Marie has intentions of offering workshops about living the concepts, insights, and wisdoms presented in her published works. If you have further interest, you can email her at: .

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