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Making Space

The past few months seem to be suggesting big changes and new beginnings for many, including myself. I have noticed that there is always a balance that needs to be achieved. Sometimes we push against the very thing we desire by not letting go or making space in our life for what we are desiring.

We need to let go of the areas in our lives that are no longer working. Sometimes we hold on so tightly to things: a past love, a part of our business that used to work or a belief about ourselves (our story) that we keep retelling to anyone who will listen. We are just trying to control and we may be restricting new things from entering our life.

Here are some tips for Making Space in 3 of the most common areas of Life:

  1. Love is one area where we have all had problems letting go. Maybe it is the “one that got away” or the ex who cheated or the connection you had with a “soul mate”. We make unhealthy comparisons. We want a new relationship, yet we cling to someone who no longer meets our needs or doesn’t want to be with us. However, as long as you continue growing, continue being clear, anyone new will be more aligned with what you are wanting.
  2. Career or business is often an area where we are afraid to try new things because it means letting go of the areas that may have once worked, but for whatever reason, no longer work for us now. We want to grow. We want to move into new areas, however, unless we are willing to make changes to our current businesses or work situations, we have no space to grow. Sometimes, we identify so much with the past we try and make the changes fit the old business, refusing a new focus. Instead, we need to give the infinite possibilities that are making themselves known to us, room to expand.
  3. Beliefs are one area that require special attention, as they are typically unconscious. One that seems to limit many people is the belief that “we have to do everything on our own”. You can see how that is a double edged sword. It limits us from accepting assistance and it continues to manifest in our life as a pattern proving that it is our experience. Yet, in this world, we have to stop doing everything on our own.