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Letting GO – Is it a Choice?

‘Letting Go’ is a concept I have worked with and discussed in my blogs for many years. Sometimes I feel that I understand it from just a mental notion and other times I feel that I understand it from a BEing level. However, offering a way for others to work with ‘letting go’ is not as easy as I would like. When something feels easy, like how I can shut my empath abilities off – as I learned to do as a young child –  I find it difficult to explain in a way that my readers (clients, friends) can easily understand and use their understanding in living their lives more fully. I think when something becomes second nature to me I need to take extra care in explaining myself – especially when we are talking about ‘letting go’.

Some may say it is because I am an Aquarian that allows me to distance myself and easily let go; others may suggest it is because I have learned to not deal with certain triggers but rather stuff them down and go into ‘spiritual bypass’ – although I know this not to be the case – and therefore I SEEM to let go. However, it is my spiritual growth, strong logic and life choices that have allowed me to shift from a place of being triggered to a place of ‘letting go’.

I am consciously aware of when I go into a place of being triggered. I know when my emotions are triggered and I feel uncomfortable. I become conscious of this quickly and determine whether these are my fears or something else. And it is always my fears! So if I feel discomfort then I know it is a fear that is in play. However, it is important not to bypass the authenticity of certain emotions. Grief is a very raw emotion and it is an authentic emotion but allowing it to take over my life doesn’t honor my life or journey. We definitely need to BE more authentic, acknowledging when we are in emotions that are ‘real’ and true is important in BEing authentic.  However, it is still our fears. But allowing these fears to rule our lives, to add to our story and create suffering, is a choice. The choice we are choosing is fear. We are holding on to fear.

We often hold on for all the wrong reasons: we hold on to people because we believe they are ‘the one’ or because we believe we can’t ever be loved or we believe we don’t want to be alone; we hold on to places we are afraid to leave; we hold on to stories because we are too attached to them and can’t see that by our holding on we continue to recreate them; we hold on to situations that we blame, justify and judge so that our ego can personalize everything like it is happening to ‘us’; and we hold on to our beliefs, intentions and fears that have so much of our energy wrapped up and inserted into the ‘story’ of our lives. We seem to have too much attachment to holding on because what if we have nothing left if we let go of the things we hold onto so tightly?

What would our lives look like if we couldn’t control, manipulate, change or fix them? Ironically, we can never control or manipulate our lives or anyone else’s – we are only ‘in charge’ of our choices.

And when it comes to change, healing or fixing of our-self or someone else – often becomes a block. It would be best if we could unconditionally accept and love and have change come from this space of acceptance instead of trying to fix everything. As we are inherently perfect just as we are! It is through acceptance that most change can come from a BEing level.

Ultimately, we don’t see we have any choices and continue to give our power to others and situations outside of us so that we feel justified in our fears and stories. Most people believe we don’t have choices because we believe our emotions are being overpowered by people and situations outside of us. I see that ‘letting go’ really comes from our ability to see that we DO have a choice. What do you choose?