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Letting Go and Being Open

Surrendering isn’t easy, and staying open while letting go of things you want, is even more challenging.

Sometimes when we are going through change, there are little gifts being offered. Yet, most often we judge and try to control our lives. This closes us down and typically, we don’t even see, let alone allow these gifts to materialize in our lives. However, the gifts become more precious if we can remain open and allow them in.

Many have asked what “staying open” means or what it is like. This isn’t easy to explain in a world where we like to control everything and keep it the same. It means, allowing without judgement, all events and people to occur and happen within our experiences, consciously and with discernment. It means following the thread of passion or pleasure as it happens. To continue along this path as long as it brings you happiness. Also, it is about exploring your responses consciously. It means if you meet someone who makes you happy, even if they don’t meet your criteria (whether you are aware or not, we seem to have biases and a list of criteria for all people we meet), to remain open to it all. Because even if they may only be there for a short time, they ARE there to show you something. Even if it is just seeing your judgements!

We prejudge many people because of who we think we are. We have biases that restrict and control people we will be friends with, based on a definition of who we are, eg certain education level, similar interests and passions. Maybe our parents taught us to accept only certain people, and we limit who we let into our lives, and our growth, as a result. Relationships are the most key ingredient to our growth, and we often limit who we will be friends with based on certain criteria or judgements.

Our lives are controlled based on the decisions we make, and the only way we can grow is to let go and allow change into our lives. As I am going through my own metamorphosis and letting go of the predefined life I believed I “should” have… I found precious gifts waiting for me. Some have been to see my limitations and judgments. Others have been to allow me to open up and experience life from a different perspective.

I have realized that if we want change, we have to be willing to do, be and act differently. Opening up to all areas of our lives, letting go of the judgments and how we control each area is the beginning.