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Do I get my money back if you are wrong?

I see your highest vision, but we all have free choice and you will make choices based on your conscious thoughts and decisions or you will continue to react on your fears and make unconscious decisions. You aren’t paying me for my accuracy; you are paying me for my time, and the vision I see can happen if you hold it with me. However, I don’t work on lower energies of fear, I know if they are holding you back from reaching your dreams, but I can only express what I feel and it is up to you to make the choices and changes in your perceptions that will allow your highest vision to manifest. I can see the vision that your soul wishes, but you may find if difficult to manifest, it is all about choices, someone who says they are 100% accurate doesn’t honor free choice.

What are your views on Spirituality vs. Traditional Religions?

I discovered at a very early age, that organized Religion failed my understanding and knowledge of what God was to me. I knew God could not be this person who sat on a throne and judged us, for what could I have done that wrong to deserve this punishment of abandonment three times within my first 13 years. But I think at the very core of all of us, there is this void we try to fill by outside sources, because our society creates the illusion that we are all alone. I believe one of the greatest illusions we hold is that we are our physical body. We aren’t our body, we aren’t the physical dimension that we have spent so much time fixing, by dieting, hating, filling our needs. We spend so much effort on what isn’t reality and yet we are here in a physical world and it feels real and we are here because we chose to be here to develop our spirituality. To become all that we can. To become our own “Creator God’s” and everyone is watching us do just that. Yet, our bodies are ego based and full of fear and not love. This is another illusion, love isn’t an emotion but rather a state of “being”. The love we talk about is 99% fear based. We spend all this time during our day on the one thing that won’t last longer than 100 years, and is insignificant in the whole scheme of things. However, our bodies may teach us an important lesson about our self worth issues, or lack of self-esteem. It is our Soul and Spirit that continues forever, and we spend the least amount of time feeding them.

Later in my life, around 29 my contracts in this life allowed me to realize that what I had created wasn’t filling my spirit or soul and I wasn’t growing or becoming who I was meant to be. I began my quest for my truth, my Spirituality. I believe everyone has to discover what Spirituality means to them and everyone can be a little bit different. How they approach it, what they believe, their discoveries in life. But everyone seems to have a theme these days and that is there is something out there, bigger than us. But not the judging father that the Dogma of Church teaches us that is here to control and manipulate us, to make us become followers, instead of free thinkers and philosophers. They chose what we could read, interpreted it for us and told us how to behave, while misinterpreting most of the most sacred teachings. Of course there is truth in almost everything written, however, it is discovering the truth and then discovering your truth out of all the information available.

So, Spirituality for me is becoming all that I can be, reaching a state of Enlightenment, while most Organized Religions (especially Western Religions) fail you because they don’t encourage self-learning, or teach you how to become enlightened and God realized. And the most basic concept of my spirituality is that of remembering how to ask questions, and discovering the answers from within, instead of outside sources, or worse ones that dictate to you the answers.

What is the difference between a psychic and an Intuitive?

Psychics can give you specifics and details like names, dates, what the person looks like, and very detailed information. An intuitive is focused on outcomes and your spiritual journey; not detail oriented, but will pick up information if it comes to us. Mostly, I am an Empath, which means that I pick up on your feelings, but I can go to the core of the problem, identifying what is blocking you from attaining your dreams, and what you need to achieve your highest Soul vision. We can look at the fears that prohibit you from success and how to consciously make choices instead of reacting unconsciously and keeping you stuck.