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Journey To Your Light ~Beth Lynch ~ 12/04/10

Journey to Your Light
Beth Lynch, Meditation Instructor, Medium and Intuitive Consultant
Every 2nd Monday of the Month @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm EST
First Show April 12th~ Our first show discusses the understanding the relationship between the Self and Spirit (higher self). And how the understanding of this relationship is helpful for your perception of life, intuition and healing everyday. From the simplest choices to the more challenging and painful experiences we go through. I would like to address how it helps children, teens and adults. How every aspect of your consciousness is affected, emotions, thoughts, body and Spirit. Meditation is the key and address what meditation is. (addressing any misconceptions).
Also meditation in discussing, I have been working on a meditation book for a few years and teaching it as a correspondence course even longer. It is called Journey To Light “Meditation For the Soul”. I would love talk on it. It is a powerful experience and even the way I experienced it to be put together is interesting and a learning experience for myself and others.

Next Show June 14th

Beth Lynch will be discussing the relationship between the Self (personality) and Spirit (personal connection to the Divine or Higher Self). She will discuss the healing power of being connected to the Spirit world and how those crossed continue to learn, heal and love with us.
Simple ways to unite mind, heart, body and Spirit into daily life through meditation and why it is important.
Beth will speak on her book Journey To Light “Meditation For the Soul” as a tool for one to help connect to their spirit.
For more information go to her Website: