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Jennifer Drummond 09/03/09 Belly Dancing Psychotherapist

Jennifer Drummond: The Belly Dancing Psychotherapist is a trained psychotherapist and belly dancer with an array of experience. She works with a client-centred approach, both in a therapeutic and workshop setting. Her set of Core Values and Guidelines are fundamental to how she works with clients. Jennifer has worked for several years with individual clients and has extensive experience training and facilitating groups in an innovative and non-formal arena.

Jennifer has taken all of her training and has combined the three things she loves to do most, teaching, belly dance and therapy to develop her Beyond Belly Dance Program. With this program she can work with a client teaching them the moves of belly dance to help unblock stuck energy and hidden emotions. Using this unique technique along with the energy work of the chakras, she has helped clients gain a better sense of self, tap into their femininity and to feel empowered enough to express their emotions without being overwhelmed or feeling the need to shut their feelings away. Beyond Belly Dance incorporates the woman as a whole – body, mind and spirit!