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Jeff Brown 10/12/12 Author of Ascending with Both Feet on the Ground

This show has Jeff and Laurie discussing his new book, “Ascending with Both Feet on the Ground”. Reviewing some of my favorite quotes.

Perhaps the first of its kind, ‘Ascending with both feet on the Ground’ is a collection of author Jeff Brown’s most inspiring and well-loved Facebook quotes, soul-bytes, excerpts and aphorisms. In Jeff’s hands, Facebook status became a kind of spiritual graffiti, a grass roots opportunity to inspire, support and connect with humanity. With a writing style that is unforgettably original, Jeff calls out to our inner knowing and reminds us of the magnificent life that awaits us. A wonderful gift to give to others, this little treasure book is no generic quotes book. It is an impactful, stirring and enlivening piece of art that will keep you company on the journey home. It will help you to excavate your purpose, befriend your confusion, confront your avoidance, ground your spirituality and open your heart.

At its core, Ascending reflects the grounded spirituality that threads through all of Jeff’s writing, a ‘sole to soul’ philosophy that celebrates ‘enrealment’ – a way of being that is inclusive and honoring of all that is human. Nothing and no one gets left out on the path home. Everything- feelings, personal identifications, practical challenges, mystical moments, the dust that falls off our awakening hearts- is part of our spirituality. With writing that is simultaneously mystical and practical, this heartfelt book beautifully reflects the indistinguishable weave between spiritual and emotional life that is becoming deeply important to seekers on the path.

Time and again, you can turn to its pages to feel supported in your quest for an authentic and integrated life. And at the back of the book are 3 of his most inspiring blogs, including the profound‘Apologies to the Divine Feminine- from a warrior in transition’, now read and loved by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. In an effort to bring this book to more people, shipping is included in the price. And, if you order 4 copies, we will include 2 extra books in the package so you can gift the book to 2 additional friends that you feel may benefit from it.

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