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Jeff Brown 08/04/10 Author of SoulShaping, Shame

This show has Jeff and Laurie discussing the insiduous nature of shame. How hiding our light under a bushel of shame obstructs our expansion. That we really under estimage the power of shame in our lives, and the distruction it creates. An interview worth listening to.

“Jeff Brown was a prize winning university student, and apprenticed with Canada’s most famous criminal lawyer, Eddie Greenspan. Then he walked away and began an inner journey in quest of his authentic face. That journey meandered through many inner and outer challenges and culminated in the recent release of his wonderful book “Soulshaping: A Journey of self-creation”, soon to be distributed by Random House, published through North Atlantic books. When he is not bringing Soulshaping into the world, Jeff is also co-producing a documentary about spiritual teacher Bhagavan Das. Called Karmageddon, this film is going into final edit this autumn.”

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