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Jean Adrienne 22/10/09 author of Inner Speak and Manna

When you speak to anyone seriously involved in metaphysics or New Age studies, they will tell you that the Earth’s energy is shifting toward enlightenment. Jean Adrienne and her work is a serious part of that shift.

Jean Adrienne is healer, teacher, lecturer and creator of Quantum change. She is a graduate of Florida State University with a BA in Psychology. She is the host of an Internet radio show on with more than 25,000 listeners monthly, guest on Steve Rother’s VIrtualLight TV broadcast , speaker at Lightworker events, and writes a monthly column for and Sibyl Magazine. She teaches and speaks internationally.

Jean developed InnerSpeak and the InnerSpeak card deck. InnerSpeak helps to facilitate communication, healing, empowerment and spiritual growth. It is a process of assisting people in “listening” to their bodies and helping them remove both spiritual, emotional and physical obstacles.

Jean is a Usui Reiki, Karuna Ki and Seven Rays Master and uses these tools in conjunction with InnerSpeak in her healing sessions. She is an ordained minister in the Order of

Soul Adventures, Jean’s first book, is the story of her soul from its inception many lifetimes ago to this present incarnation. In this book, you are led on a mystical journey of intrigue, through pain, guilt, hatred, rejection and death, until she finally finds the Unconditional Love she has always longed for. You get to be with the heroine as she remembers who she really is and why she is here. You are shown how to create the reality you desire, manifest your destiny, and find your authentic self, meeting your Angels, Teachers and Guides along the way
InnerSpeak Soul Adventures, her internet radio show, is the forum for personal self-empowerment, consciousness raising, spiritual growth, healing and self-realization. Each week,

Jean brings forth guests who are the experts in their field to discuss how each of us can rise above those things which hold us back in order to create the reality we desire and deserve – consciously, NOW! / 7th Wave Network

Her website is