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Quan Yin Channelings

Quan Yin
We Greet Thee with Many Blessings

Introduction to Quan Yin

It is always a pleasure to offer our Divine Love onto the planet. This vessel, Laurie Huston, is surprised, for although she has always known our energy, she has not always felt worthy. It is a great day that she has finally agreed to her contract to channel an Ascended Master.  Last year she accepted her work into the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light, this allowed her to receive a guide from our council and she has worked with the light to empty her cup and increase her vibration to allow our energy to come forth. It is with great compassion she works and it is this compassion that has allowed the Divine Mother Essence to shine forth. She first thought I was Mother Mary, as she is Christian in faith and also because our energy is from the same office. She also was surprised by my name, as she has never really felt she has known me, yet she has known me all her life and her spirit and I have worked together before in many other emanations. Divine Mother of Compassion began with Isis and continues through many women, many mothers, even though our vessel is not a mother, she holds the compassion of love and this essence with clarity and through her actions. She holds a high enough vibration to bring forth my vibration to you. Her vessel has cleared of much negative ego, for she has worked hard to allow this to come forth. She radiates absolute compassion and love, that is why I have stepped forth to offer a channeling contract. I will touch all those who request her service through a pure vibration of compassion. My Divine Mate is Buddha who teaches through his mind, together we embrace the essence of what this earth planet needs for it’s next stage in evolution. The Divine Mother and Goddess has come back to our earth, even though I really never left. Our planet has grown to allow a purer connection. The words I speak will give your mind something to hold, however, it is through the vibrations of Compassion and Love that you will feel, that will awaken your memories of who you are, and allow you to open your heart to allow Divine Love and Compassion into your life. We have agreed to work together, for Laurie offers hope to the world. She works to increase your vibration to the Light and to create Clarity and Love as she gives you actions to take to raise your vibration of Light. She will assist you to remove the negative ego and the lower vibration energies, that often hold you back from your progress forward. I am pleased to offer, through this vessel, a way for you to remember and to build love into your hearts.

With Love I Give,
Quan Yin…
As Divine Mother I heal your heart of all suffering.
We all hold this love, this essence within our hearts.
We all hold our spirit within our heart.
Remember and Receive.

Quan Yin  Channeling (answered via E-Mail) $100
Laurie can channel the wisdom and guidance of Quan Yin. In her session, Laurie becomes a clear channel for this remarkable Goddess sharing with you in purity, love and wisdom. This is a normal Quan Yin channeling session, but Laurie will correspond with you via e-mail, this means that it is not as immediate as a telephone session where you can interact directly Quan Yin via Laurie. 

Quan Yin Channeling (Phone) $150
Laurie can channel the wisdom and guidance of Quan Yin. In her session, Laurie becomes a clear channel for this remarkable Goddess sharing with you in purity, love and wisdom. 

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