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I choose to tune into the reality where…

I have always been against the way the Law of Attraction (LOA) has been described in ‘The Secret’ and by many other people and their books that have arisen as a result of this documentary. Mostly I have had issues about it because it tends to focus on everything outside of us and, really, does having the biggest house ever assist us in our spiritual growth? I believe that many of us are too focused on our lives from the outside – making ourselves comfortable and accumulating ‘things’. However, when it comes to the things that count, we often hope that there will be something outside ourselves that will assist us. We long for enough money so that we can experience the ‘freedom’ or ‘happiness’ we so desperately seek inside. So we tend to accumulate ‘things’ that will make us more comfortable but do they assist us inside?

Recently I have been introduced to a beautiful Soul Sister, Michelle Gordon, who has written two series of ‘fiction’ books that once you begin to assimilate you realize they have a sense of ‘truth’ within them that just can’t be explained as fiction or fantasy. While reading her ‘Visionary Series’ she introduces the concept of choosing to tune into a reality from the infinite possibilities that exist once we make a choice. Now this isn’t a ‘new’ concept to me but it was introduced in a way that deeply resonated with me. As Tom Campbell often discusses in his work we have infinite possibilities and probabilities based on our choices that exist simultaneously. And of course Jerry and Esther Hicks have discussed the concept of the radio and tuning into the frequency we desire.

What set this apart was the simplicity of how Michelle offered her concept. What if it is as simple as stating to the Universe that “I choose to tune into the reality where…”. During a recent meditation with my Heart-Centered Support Group I asked everyone to have their guide show them three different possibilities of realities to choose from. For each possible reality I asked each person to go into the future one year and then five years to see if that first year outcome needed to be tweaked as they may have forgotten to request something that was essential – or of course during that time they may have made different choices that created outcomes that may or may not have been what they were intending.

I believe we all have dreams that we want fulfilled in our lives. As my disdain for the LOA continues it isn’t about the biggest house or the fastest car: it is about assisting us to be the ‘best’ we can be from the inside. Having optimal health, having inner happiness or peace, living with intention and purpose and having the ability to practice acceptance in my life as well as with others, these are a few of the inner ‘things’ that are important to me. These can not be realized by focusing on what is outside of me. No amount of accumulation of ‘things’ will ever achieve these desires. However being homeless or stuck somewhere that doesn’t feed my soul would definitely impair my growth. In Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs if we are stuck in Survival or Safety needs we won’t be able to evolve to Self-Actualization and will be forced to work on these lower level issues first and foremost.

I guess the question I want you to ponder is, “what do you truly need to be all that you desire to BE?” Our Heart and Soul do dream and inspire us to Evolve and BEcome. If we forget to Dream we will never grow. If we don’t look at our challenges as opportunities to grow we will never Evolve. And if we don’t look at our choices, always asking if we are making our choices from a place of Love over Fear, we can’t learn to make better choices. So if you knew that you could choose to tune into a reality that already existed where you made the choices that allowed you to achieve your dreams would you? Could you believe that there is a possible reality out there that exists with all the choices where what you dreamed of are present and occurring?

What if these simple words, here in this article, were the key to shifting into the alternate reality that already exists as a possibility? Can you imagine this? We know that stating your dreams to the Universe lets your ‘support-team’ know that you are ready (and if you aren’t then you will receive the gentle guidance necessary to shift your beliefs) to experience the reality you choose. But so often we either forget to ask or else we doubt our dreams! Why would we doubt an inspiration that comes from our Heart or Soul? So why not totally commit to the dream and reality that exists? Why not ask to tune into the reality where you ARE living with intention and purpose and optimal health  – having already learned the lessons you needed around living without optimal health or living on purpose already!

So, believing that this is the case and that we can tune into this reality you don’t want to fool around but to be clear, ask, and allow the Magic to Unfold! What will you Choose? I choose to tune into the reality where…