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Holding the Heartspace – 26/04/10

Holding the Heartspace
First show is April 26th at 7pm EDT

Tonights show we discussed:
~ the container of the heartspace and how it functions
~ allowing yourself to be held by Spirit (sometimes known as surrender)
And we did a wonderful meditation/experience of Holding the Heartspace.
Mary MacNab, An initiate in several eastern and western esoteric traditions, ordained in three, Mary has spent most of her life studying vibration, perception, and consciousness.
Join us Every 4th Monday of the Month @ 7:00 pm-8:00 pm EST

Holding the Heartspace
In these times of great transition, ancient metaphysical technologies are remembering themselves through us all.
The heartspace is an actual alchemical container that allows us to ground within, in the midst of turbulence and great change.
The radio broadcast Holding the Heartspace is a sacred space held for just this purpose.
How can we allow and be held in the heartspace, dreaming forward for a new reality?
Join us as we journey into the ‘new’ from sacred space.

Topics will include:
~ the vibrational reality of creating a new cycle
~ holding balance in constant change
~ the technology of the heartspace and how it functions

For more information visit Mary’s Website: