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Rising Star Healing

Private Sessions Available

Through this new Healing System, you will:

Remove misqualified or negative energies from the Seven Chakras and the Seven Body Systems allowing your Being to clear and heal on
all levels, and open to your True Self

Gain access to your Fifth Dimensional
Light Body

Activate DNA

Connect with your Highest Consciousness

Begin to open your Fourth Eye the Master’s Eye

Rejuvenate your Body on all levels

Rejuvenate all cells of your Body within one week

Begin an Ascension process on all levels:  Soul, Spirit, and Physical

Help to create Unity Consciousness

One session initiates at least a weeklong intensive healing for you. You may feel the different levels of yourself being worked on at different times during the week – physical, emotional, etheric, soul, spirit and much more.

This is an ancient and sacred healing modality recently reintroduced to humanity by the Ascended Masters. It is a tremendously effective system that was channelled to Derek O’Neill, a spiritual Master based in Dublin, Ireland. It is a pure and undiluted lineage, passed down directly from the Masters to Derek. It is now available to all who wish to benefit from it. According to the Masters, it is among the most powerful healing systems on the Planet. The Masters are very happy and very serious about the Rising Star. They have been monitoring its progress on the Planet since January 2004.

While Derek was in India, His Holiness Sri Sathya Sai Baba blessed the Rising Star Healing System for the Planet. This healing system has enormous significance to the Planet, with the potential to bring about Unity and profound Planetary shifts. Quan Yin, Saint Germaine, Master Hilarian and Master Jesus assist Laurie as her Spiritual Guides to bring down this awesome Healing Modality. You will feel the effects immediately, while an Ascended Master continues the transformation for the next 21 months. This modality allows for distance healing, however, you must still be lying down for the hour that has been pre-arranged for the appointment. The Investment is $150.

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