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Quick Personal Clearing

Quick Clearing
Are you feeling “Not Right”?
Woke up feeling “off”?
Astrology alignment is causing energy difficulties?
Caught up in the planetary events, war, politics, weather phenomenas, financial strife?
Family Crisis, death, arguments, break-ups?
Work Crisis, boss tensions, co-worker arguments?
Caught in Road Rage or sensitive to the energy all around you?

I have a dedicated amount of time each morning Mon-Fri to offer Quick Clearings. For you to be ensured a clearing that morning, I request that your information and offering is complete by 11 am EST, at the latest. Please indicate what area is impacting you the most. (If this is an emergency, please indicate this and I will try my best to respond within the day.)

Quick Clearing (single issue/person/situation) $50
This clearing is perfect for those days where you are feeling off, like you got up on the wrong side of the bed. It is intended to just detach you from what ever emotional, mental or physical stress you are feeling at this moment. It also can be for people who have been doing a lot of work, and just want to detach from the Matrix or fear prevalent in our society/reality, or have just one issue they want to be cleared.

Quick Full Straight Clearing: $150
Intuitive Clearing clears your energy:

Clears your heart to access Higher Self and Souls vision,
Clears and balances the 7 Chakras, and 7 Body Systems,
Clears layers of the unconscious,
Releases core issues, addictions, foreign energies,
Balances energy, clears energy, and attachments,
Clears shadows,
Allows your Being to clear and heal on all levels,
Opens you to your True Self,
Awaken consciousness and clear a path towards your highest vision.

Feeling Really Stuck? Depressed, emotionally volatile?
Know the major themes in your life?
Know the blocks that prohibit you from moving forward?
Are aware of your core issues?

This is for when you are feeling really stuck; Depressed, emotionally volatile; know the major themes in your life; know the blocks that prohibit you from moving forward; or are aware of your core issues. Then consider getting this full clearing. This clears your Mental (thoughts and beliefs), Emotional and Physical attachments.

Quick Expanded Full Clearing: $200
Unsure what you need or want to be cleared and require me to meditate on it or we can identify what is needed through a quick email. I can offer a full clearing for $200, with details in an email after of what I felt during the clearing.

For all other clearings… I recommend a Full Personal Clearing

I have dedicated a time to complete full clearings each day, I will generally respond within 24-72 hours to book an appointment, ask clarifying questions or complete the work. If it is an emergency, please indicate this and I will try my best to respond within 8-24 hours.

Please Contact me and let me know what are wanting to have cleared (if it is a person, provide full name and DOB) so I can customize your clearing for you.