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Personal Clearing

Our personal matrix/energy may be burdened by past relationships, old grudges and unresolved issues, by attachments to persons and things, and by the simple clutter in our lives. As these accumulate you and your environment can become psychically toxic repositories of useless and disruptive energy connections. Personal Clearings can remove undesirable energy connections between you and other people. Personal clearings can also sever ties with people in your past that are still drawing on your energy today and disrupting current relationships.

A personal clearing begins with a consultation to understand a sense of where you are, and what clearing work is necessary. Next is a session to do the clearing work (this can be done with the consultation). This is followed with an Intuitive Counseling session to explain what was experienced and how this impacts your future (optional).

Full Personal Clearing: 2-3 session $400

My Full Personal Clearings are to assist you to identify your patterns, beliefs and people who have contributed to the blockages in your life. This includes a session, in-person or via phone or Skype to work with you to identify these areas.

Session 1

Talking to identify:

Your major themes in life

The blocks that prohibit you from moving forward

Your core issues

Prior to 2nd session (unless the same day): meditation and channel to ensure we have your major core issues

Session 2

Doing the energy work to:

Clear heart to access Higher Self and Souls vision

Clear and balance the 7 Chakras, and 7 Body Systems

Clear layers of the unconscious

Release core issues, addictions, foreign energies

Balance energy, clear energy, and attachments

Clear shadows

Allow your Being to clear and heal on all levels, and open to your True Self

Awaken consciousness and clear a path towards your highest vision

Session 3

Follow-up Reading:

An Intuitive Soul Counseling session to see how the clearing has impacted your future

Suggestions to keep work going

How to remain clear

Full Personal Clearing: 1 session $300

It is the same as the session above, but does not include Session 3.

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