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Office and Facilities Clearing

Office Clearing
Don’t allow disruptive energy to negatively influence your business. From unhappy clients to office bickering and executive turnover, work is where we discharge some of our most negative emotions. Clear them and keep them clear and help establish a new standard of productivity, as well as better customer and staff retention.

Facilities Clearings
There are occupational spaces that by their nature tend to carry blocked and disturbed energy. Clearing these institutional spaces can help both staff and clients do better by providing a safe and nurturing environment supportive of optimal healing. Spaces such as those listed below should be cleared minimally every 3-6 months.

  • Chiropractic and Naturo/homeopathic clinics
  • Psychiatric/medical facilities
  • Schools and detention centers
  • Alternative Health Centers

Offices and Facilities Clearing
This is conditional on the size of your office or facility and the energy required to clear it. Each office/facility is quite unique and I would need to meditate and send you an estimate of what work would be required. Please contact me, indicating the size in square feet, the number of rooms you have, if you have cubicals, washrooms etc and on why you are requesting it to be cleared. I will also require floor plans or hand drawn facsimile of each floor, indicating where there are windows, doors, and mirrors.
Please Contact me if you are interested in an estimate.