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Light Language Grid

You can reshape your aura and attract what you desire. Light Launguage TM is based on greater than light speed healing techniques passed down through a long lineage of Mayan-Aztec Masters (a belief is that it came from Atlantis). It is still practiced by a small tribe in central Mexico. It is practical, powerful and useful in every area and level of life. Light Language is a simple and powerful method of reading, writing and configureing light.

Light Language structures everything: your home, relationships, health, property, what you attract and manifest and anything that your aura or thoughts touch. Indeed, it is through Light Language that your aura is formed. It is through Light Language that SPIRIT knows what you resonate with in life.

Light Language grids can change patterns, facilitate healing, attract property, change the energy of your healing workspace, the energy in a region, the energy between groups and more. You have been unconsciously using grids all your life. Unfortunately, the grids our patterns and belief systems write usually don’t serve us. And writing a grid for you, will change your patterns from your aura and the multi-dimensions we exist on. One of the greatest gifts about this work is that for it to work, we must give something to the community. So, to receive a personal grid, we must create a community grid. An example of this would be to write a light language grid to help the homeless in Toronto, or increase our communities spiritual awareness, or improve the economic situation in our community. Actually, this is such a great reminder that we must give to receive! How the Universe really works.

For information on creating a grid, contact Laurie, as this may be done individually or with a clearing to anchor the clearing into your aura and transform your life effortlessly.