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Etheric Surgery

This process takes 20-30 minutes. It is a short session but very powerful. Works with the higher celestial energies and, in particular, the 10 creative energies of the Tree of Life to (1) remove pins, plates, negative crystals and other etheric structures that impede the flow of light throughout our physical body; (2) distribute etheric energy more evenly throughout the aura; (3) remove stagnant energy and fill the aura with more Light; (4) remove energy within the aura that may translate to diseases in the physical body in the future; (5) restore health and vitality within the physical body by working with the corresponding layers in the aura; (6) rewire the auric matrix to accommodate the next level of etheric energetic growth for the person moving closer to the Christ consciousness state; and (7) in some cases, introduce a new ray of Light into the aura for personal utilization.

The etheric energy deals directly with the 3 Wills, namely the Will of Humans, the Will of Nature/Universe and the Will of God. Working with these energies helps the person to harmonize the 3 Wills which allows for greater alignment with aspects of their highest divinity.

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