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Emotions and Core Fears

Like everyone I am always trying to better myself or ‘Grow Up’ as Tom Campbell would say. And one of the things I do is partake in Emmanuel Dagher’s Club Miracles where we have a live healing meditation each month. This past month the healing meditation was on core fears which Emmanuel believes are Fear of being alone, Fear of Failure, Fear of losing something (death), and Fear of the Unknown. He also looked at how our emotions are just our mind/ego’s way of distracting us from our deeper core fears that our unconscious believes are too painful.

So let’s consider this: every time we react out of anger, frustration, pain, sadness, guilt, shame or despair etc. we are actually suppressing a deeper core fear. For example, I, like many women, struggle with sabotaging my health and weight and after reading Jessica Ortner’s best-selling book: The Tapping Solution for Weight Loss and Body Confidence (on sale right now) I was able to identify with the deep shame women often feel who are overweight because we all are told how it is our lack of willpower and how we sabotage ourselves to get where we are (she discloses some deep truths in this book that are hard to accept as it reveals such painful truths). I mean we are where we are because we choose to be that way, right? However, taking it a step further: that betrayal I felt and the eating I have done to distract myself from a betrayal I perceive (whether it is personal to me or through reading or streaming movies), is actually suppressing a deeper core fear … or four. After listening to Emmanuel’s meditation the last piece fell together. I have felt like a failure, which blocks me and I feel alone.

every time we react out of anger, frustration, pain, sadness, guilt, shame or despair etc. we are actually suppressing a deeper core fear

I always understood the Fear of being alone: that abandonment aspect has been a core pattern that I have identified for most of my life. However what I didn’t see was that underneath this fear – or attached to this fear – is the Fear of Failure. I could identify with the story that has been a prime focus in my life around abandonment and betrayal (which has run deep and it was through reading Jessica’s book I could identify with how the betrayal originally settled in around food) but I never felt like a failure or that core fear never felt that strong until I read her book and followed up with Emmanuel’s meditation. I love that when we truly search for an answer the Universe will grant it with whatever will resonate with you best to fully integrate your learning.

So the opportunity that arises for us is to identify when we are reacting to something or someone: what is the deeper core fear that we don’t feel safe feeling? Or what are the deeper core fears attached to these distracting emotions? As in my case there were two core fears that I need to be aware of, and for some there may be three or all four fears that are being triggered or distracted from feeling. And as we share in my interviews with Tom Campbell we need to have courage to face our fears. We just need to dive in and allow expression of these fears and to acknowledge that our higher aspects of Self knows that these fears are irrational and NOT truth. By allowing ourselves the opportunity to actually feel into these core fears grants us the ability to disperse the energy that these fears have been holding within us. And once we completely Let Go of this energy it will no longer cause us angst or have power over us to keep us in the pattern we used to distract ourselves from this or these fears. The released energy will allow us to be fully conscious of the choices we have made and allow us to consciously discharge the energy blocks that have kept our unconscious need to distract ourselves from the perceived discomfort. It will allow us to make better choices instead of choices based on fears.

our ego tries to save us from the perceived pain that our core fears have over us

Our Spirit is infinitely aware of all; it knows without a shadow of a doubt that we are never truly alone, never a failure, never lost or dead and there is nothing unknown. However, our ego tries to save us from the perceived pain that our core fears have over us. But instead of the deeper core fears we even try to distract ourselves from our experienced emotions – which are just another trick of our ego. But isn’t it fascinating that our emotions, the ones we distract ourselves from with our addictions: food, alcohol, sugar, reading, binge watching – anything that we currently do to distract ourselves from feeling uncomfortable – are just distracting us from an even deeper fear? We all do it, we all use some form of addiction to distract ourselves when feeling uncomfortable. And underneath that discomfort is an even deeper core fear, a fear that you may never have been conscious of if you didn’t dig deeper or allowed the emotion to be felt so that you could then observe and learn from the deeper fear/s associated with this emotion you are trying to repress.

I think that we live in really exciting times and feel Blessed to have these opportunities to Grow towards Love by examining all my fears. As we peel the layers to our emotions that are a reaction to a deeper fear – we are offered this incredible Gift. We can truly be in charge of our emotions and our choices. This isn’t easy work. However it can be an opportunity to expand our consciousness and connect into the Infinite Love, Acceptance and Joy that is within us at all times. It delivers us the ability to remove everything that blocks us from our own Truth and Inner Being that is who we are! Join me on this incredible journey Home.