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Dr Laurie Moore 29/10/09 Animals as Shamans

Our show Healing from Betrayal with Success-Love-Now. Time to learn to find peace in place of betrayal. We shared some wonderful tools to assist us with our shifts and allow us to create a life full of wonder and joy.
When you are ready to feel the universe inside you, all preferences and non preferences, all peace and all war, all love and all fear, all that is you is dissolved back into a lightness, a creative moment, a surrendered choice. The possibility of what life is becomes remarkable and simple at the same time. You are in eternal motions and great love, trust and spontaneous creativity emanates in all circumstances. You are everything and everyone, yet your personal unique soul tune shows up in contribution and fullness.

Dr. Laurie Moore’s is an LMFT and CHT who values results and dream-fulfillment. Why stop at solving a few problems when you can become unconditionally joyful, fulfilled, thankful peaceful, prosperous and profoundly in love with all that is while living your DREAM LIFE! There is no time for a dress rehearsal. The time to turn yearned for dreams into full life realities is this moment. Awaken into the unconditional and create a life of grace.