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Dr Gregg Korbon 31/03/11 Author of Beyond Reason

Dr. Korbon is an anesthesiologist and graduate of Duke University School of Medicine. As Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology at Duke University Medical Center in Durham, N.C., he was involved in research and teaching in neuroanesthesiology, regional anesthesia, and pain management. He was also Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology at the University of Virginia Medical Center in Charlottesville, Virginia. Dr. Korbon has a long-standing interest in outdoor education and is a senior facilitator at the UVA’s Poplar Ridge Challenge Course. While an undergraduate at Duke, he created a weeklong adventure course for incoming freshmen, now called Project W.I.L.D. (Wilderness Initiative Learning at Duke), which became a model for many university outdoor programs. He holds a black belt in tae kwon do, a brown belt in judo, and has logged over forty thousand miles as a bicycle commuter. Dr. Korbon has known challenge and pain, but it was only through the death of his son that he found their common source. Currently director of an outpatient surgery center in Central Virginia, where he lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains with his wife, Kathryn, and two children, he has authored books and research articles and developed new techniques that are widely used in his field.