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Dorothy Ratusny 12/02/09 Author of The Purpose of Love

Dorothy Ratusny, a Toronto-based Psychotherapist offers us a wonderful look at relationships and living your life’s purpose. Dorothy’s newest book, “The Purpose of Love” is a guidebook into relationships, whether you are in one or want to create one. We discussed and shared many of the concepts that she used in the book to create and enjoy a significant Love Relationship. As is with most journey’s we need to begin with ourselves. Dorothy has a unique way of using her Cognitive Therapy skills and her growth as a spiritual teacher to expand our views and foster a deeper awareness within our selves.

We also spent a little time discussing her first book “Live Your Life’s Purpose”. Dorothy is a true blessing and has many tools to assist you to achieve what you are wanting to create in your life. Both books are available on her website, and in stores.