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Deepening Commitment with Self

I’m a firm believer in leading by example; I try and take 100% responsibility for everything I see happening around me.

But I’ve noticed lately I’m giving the same advice over and over again about people sabotaging themselves and I know I’m as guilty of sabotaging myself as those that I’m guiding. Why do we sabotage ourselves by refusing to foster a deeper commitment to Self? We all want to have a strong commitment and love with another Being and we all want to foster a connection with something greater, call it Higher Self, Soul or God/Goddess. Why isn’t the connection we foster, first and foremost with our Self?

One of the ways we sabotage ourselves is by continuing to put others’ needs ahead of our own, as if they were more important. This keeps our energy stuck in different areas of our lives, and then patterns become established and we become afraid to change them. We seem to be afraid to change aspects of ourselves (limiting beliefs like we are afraid of our own power) because we fear change; that somehow what has occurred in the past (conscious or unconscious) may repeat itself (we may abuse our power in some way). We don’t do what we need; instead, we give away our power and energies to others, helping them and not ourselves. Why are others somehow more important? What prevents us from treating our selves like we are equally as important as our family, friends and responsibilities? Why can’t we foster this deeper commitment to self as we do others?

What if we all learned to love and accept ourselves for who we are? What if we treated ourselves like we treat our best friends? What if we made a deeper commitment to ourselves? How can we be gentler to ourselves? What would that look like?

I believe it all comes down to “choices”. Sometimes small choices impact our life dramatically. From how we feel while making the choice, to the decision we make. Everything is a choice! Do you stay the same out of fear (sabotage) or deepen your commitment to self through love? Sometimes these are the only choices we need to consider.

I want to offer a support group for those who have goals that just aren’t realizing, in an online community and through meditations. It can be any goal from weight loss to getting that new project going. Let’s find a way to move through the self-sabotaging towards creating a deeper commitment with Self. Contact me at